Garlic Markets


We can't complain about drought for once. So now we can complain about the rain. Farmers have to complain about the weather. The frogs aren't complaining, though - they have gone mad!

We will be going to the Northside Produce Market in November and December only.

Individual mail order is possible by arrangement. Please get in touch to order by mail. Post is expensive so most people prefer to buy direct. Orders can also be made for the December markets, either in person at the market, sms, or email. 

Garlic plaits

Garlic scapes

Northside Produce  Market:

This market is on the first and third Saturday of every month in the Ted Mack Park, Miller Street, North Sydney.



6 November: Fresh new season immature garlic to eat fresh and garlic scapes, the central "flower" stalk. These can be prepared as you would asparagus. They are only availbable at this market.

20 November: Fresh new season mature garlic to eat fresh. The garlic will keep if this is the only chance you have to come to the market. It will be more mature in December.  

4 December: Garlic to keep: plaits of purple garlic at prices for all budgets, loose purple garlic and fresh Russian garlic.

18 December: Garlic to keep: plaits of purple and white garlic at prices for all budgets, loose purple, white and Russian garlic. 

Prices: We have plaits for $15, $25, $40 and $50 as well as loose garlic, both pretty and ugly.